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Gary Allen 1936-1986

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Gary-Allen2016 will mark the 80th anniversary of the birth of Gary Allen.

Gary Allen (August 2, 1936 – November 29, 1986) was an American conservative journalist, book author, and sociopolitical researcher. He authored Communist Revolution in the Streets, Nixon’s Palace Guard, Richard Nixon: The Man Behind the Mask, None Dare Call It Conspiracy; The Rockefeller File; Kissinger: Secret Side Of The Secretary Of State; Jimmy Carter/Jimmy Carter; Tax Target: Washington, Ted Kennedy: In Over His Head, and Say “No!” to the New World Order. He was an AMERICAN OPINION Contributing Editor.

Here is my youtube stream of Gary Allen Material: (Material Added on Occasion)


Here are links to some of his Books:

Here are links to some of his prominent Articles:


John F McManus – The INSIDERS: Architects of the New World Order

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