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State Senator Anthony H Williams Should Be Nullified

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I just read Senator Anthony H. Williams letter in response to the growing momentum behind House Bill 357 which would nullify attempts by the federal government to impose restrictions on the rights of law-abiding citizens within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to exercise their right to bear arms. The bill rightly, sends a message to the government in Washington that: 1) the Commonwealth intends to defend the natural right of its citizens to defend itself, and that 2) the Constitution of Pennsylvania is not subject to unlimited restrictions from the general government.

Senator Williams does not agree. His argument is fraught with deception and false platitudes. He presents a false argument in his opening sentence when he says:

The history and heritage of this great nation long has included a constant and vigilant dance between preserving individual freedoms and advancing social harmony.

Excuse me? What are you saying Senator? Am I to understand that there are times when preserving individual freedom is contrary to social harmony? No, your job is not to participate in some mystical dance or vigilant tight-rope walk! Your job is to defend the constitution of your state and the rights of its people.  After all, the purpose behind the constitution is the establishment of social harmony. Just do your job and the social harmony you speak of will be a matter of natural consequence.

This bill, which enjoys the support of over 75 co-sponsors is a reassertion of the rights of the States as codified in the Ninth and Tenth amendments of the federal constitution, however, Senator Williams finds it ludicrous to be part of a

… rising, and disturbing, national cognitive capture of nullification… based on severely flawed ideas and deserves immediate repudiation, if not condemnation

Senator, am I to understand that the ninth and tenth amendments are the severely flawed ideas of which you speak? Williams goes on to boast of his hometown’s prominent role in this nation’s establishment. He wants us to assume that he has a special insight into the foundation of our nation based solely on his nativity. He  pays a pretended homage to the Second Amendment and then pits it against common sense. Apparently, “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be questioned.” (PA State Constitution) is not to be considered common sense in 21st Century Pennsylvania. He also seems to be under the delusion that “checks and balances” against the concentration of power in Washington is some how in opposition to the concept of “liberty and justice for all”. How is it sir, that liberty and justice can exist outside the confines of a duly erected, defined and defended constitution which establishes a framework under which our several governments must operate? How can serenity exist if chaos is allowed to proceed unchecked?

Senator, you speak of “allegiance to our nation and its operation”. I say, allegiance is a two-way street. We should bear true allegiance in so far as Washington operates within the confines of its enumerated powers. The American people established the general government through its states and reserved power unto itself. To the extent to which Washington recognizes its legitimate authority it is owed our allegiance. To the extent to which Washington seeks to abrogate the God-given rights of the people of Pennsylvania it is owed our scorn.

Senator Williams also believes the essence of the Supremacy Clause is:

Being part of the United States of America means we agree to being bound by federal laws set forth, whether our ideals are aligned with or repudiated by said laws.

The Senator conveniently omits that the Supremacy Clause includes the phrase “under the authority of the United States”. We are not bound by laws contrary to the authority granted the United States. Those powers not delegated to the general government are reserved to the people. No state ratified the Constitution under the premise that they would be bound by unconstitutional laws. Who is being ludicrous now?

In short Senator, there is no contradiction between your charge to “uphold the welfare of our neighbors”, the defense of the second amendment, “the advancement of social harmony” and HR 357. No, in fact, HR 357 and other nullification measures are required, since the Supreme Court refuses to recognize that our Federal Constitution is a grant of limited and well defined powers.

Residents in the 8th district of Pennsylvania should now take notice, that State Senator Anthony H. Williams is on record. He feels it is his duty for the sake of unity to compromise your liberty !

Written by federalexpression

June 2, 2013 at 3:04 pm

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