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From Major Jordan’s Diaries

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Many thanks to WhatReallyHappened.com for picking up my youtube video “From Major Jordan’s Diary” which is really an audio file with a few splash pages. Their post is here. And thanks also to Charleston Voice (Bill Rummel) for linking in as well. I loaded this audio because I consider it to be a first-hand historical account of a World War II event that is skimmed over in favor of the alluring accounts of true American Patriotic heroism on the battle field. Don’t get me wrong, I love those gripping tales and I highly recommend the “Band of Brothers Series” for those of you who also enjoy them.

Since this video was added to their news collating service I have had a steady uptick in hits on this video and thought it prudent to provide a link to the pdf and html formats of Major Jordan’s Diary. The pdf is provided by articbeacon.com and I link to it below. The html appears to be an extract from Nexus Magazine. For those of you who have heard the speech delivered by Major Jordan on my youtube channel and have followed this link for more information, see the reference links below.

 Many Thanks
to The Reality Zone for Capturing this Lecture so long ago.
to The John Birch Society Chapters in California for hosting this speaking engagement in 1963.
to G. Edward Griffin for his concise and professional narration and introductory comments.
to WhatReallyHappened.com for publicizing this important youtube video/audio track.
to “Karen A.” for transcribing the Book
to Bill Rummel whom I suspect had a great deal to do with advancing this story.
to Western Islands (A JBS Publishing Company) for Publishing the Diary after it went out of print the first time.

Honorable Mention:
Thanks fromthetrenchesworldreport who also pickedup this youtube video on their site in December 2014.

Reference: The Book: From Major Jordan’s Diary by Major George Racey Jordan Pdf html

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