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Obama Birth Certificate Found To Be Fake

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An official investigation conducted by a cold case posse of trained investigators sought to validate the long form birth certificate of President Barack Hussein Obama that was released by the White House in response to Mr. Donald Trump’s public demands. This release was accompanied by a televised speech by our president in which he confirmed its authenticity. The attempt to confirm the contents of the long form birth certificate quickly disintegrated as the electronic version of the document contained anomalies which made it virtual impossible to confirm that a hardcopy counterpart was the source of the document. In fact, the detailed forensics analysis has produced enough evidence to suggest probable cause that a forgery and a fraud has been committed. There was no information released as to who was suspected of these felonies and there has been no conclusion drawn with respect to the president’s eligibility to serve in the oval office. The only conclusion that can be drawn is that the White House released Long Form Birth Certificate is insufficient documentation for the purposes of validating that President Barack Hussein Obama is a natural-born citizen. I am posting the video content that was on display for the media at the public press conference which was held in conclusion of the preliminary investigation. It is not yet known what course additional investigations may follow nor who may take on the responsibility of continuing the investigation.

Additional Reference: A Question of Eligibility A 32 Page PDF Document that explores the many facets of President Obama’s life narrative in light of the eligibility question.

Trackback: Here is my previous post which expressed my own reservations about this document within a week or two of its release.

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March 4, 2012 at 4:18 am

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The Latest “Certificate of Live Birth”

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Just out of curiosity I decided to examine the Birth certificate that the Obama Administration released earlier this week. I downloaded it and magnified it in adobe reader and saw some suspicious aspects around all the lettering. The transparent background was disconcerting and some of the lettering looked strange. I thought some of the print mismatch could be attributed to the form having had pre-printed lettering and filled in with type writer.

So I decided to get a closer look. I loaded it into adobe illustrator cs4 to see if there were any layers within the document. Here is a screen shot that shows the serial number and signatures on separate layers. This is indicative of a document that was pieced together. It looks as if multiple form pieces were assembled into a new creation.

I am simply reporting what I found. I am not responsible for this fiasco.

Obama Long Form Birth Certificate

Why was there a flight to Hawaii to get this document? It is obviously electronic. If they were getting hard copy it would have been scanned to create the pdf. None of these layers would then exist. An electronic copy could have easily been emailed to the white house. I don’t know what is going on here and I don’t know why this guy’s records have been hidden. Bottom line… These stories do not add up. There would be no need to travel to Hawaii to acquire this document. None at all.

Update Courtesy of Jerome Corsi: Take a look at the mispelling in the stamp on the bottom right. I have blown it up to 800%. Also, look at the smiley face on the “A” in Alvin.

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April 28, 2011 at 11:08 am

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