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America: Don’t Let the Media Pick Your President Again

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In the 2008 campaign, we were bombarded with the “Yes We Can” message of Barack Obama. Now in the 2012 campaign we hear “Ron Paul Can’t Win”. Where have I heard that before. Oh, I know. It was 60 years ago, the last time a main-line, grass-roots, well-organized Republican Candidate with a bona fide chance to win the white house ran on a NON-INTERVENTIONIST platform. I am speaking of Robert Taft.

You see, if wall street is threatened by a candidate they simply ignore them in the press or outright attack the candidate. The democratic party under Woodrow Wilson really exacerbated the Interventionist foreign policy. After WWI the people elected three consecutive Republican presidents as there was considerable backlash to the war. Even FDR ran under the pledge to keep America out of the European Wars.

By the time the election of 1952 rolled around, the democrats had controlled the white house for 20 consecutive years under an interventionist foreign policy which included entry into WWII and a foray into the Korean War without congressional declaration. It was Robert Taft who ran a campaign to end the insanity and revert back to the pre WWI foreign policy that the United States was founded upon. The destruction of the Taft Campaign damaged the conservative wing of the Republican Party. Eisenhower, Nixon, and Reagan were all by-products of the Eisenhower victory. Ford and the Bushes were an indirect result. The interventionist foreign policy of the democrats was adopted. We have had 60 years of bi-partisan foreign policy and it is time to break the grip of Wall Street.

War is money, and the Wall Street bankers stood to make a lot of money by financing both sides of future wars. They were not about to let Taft rain on their parade. The press got rolling once Eisenhower was convinced to join the race for the Republican nomination. We see the same pattern today. Rick Perry joined the race and the “Ron Paul Can’t Win” mantra has started. Do you think there is any animosity between the Wall Street bankers and Ron Paul? One of his key platform issues is for ending the Federal Reserve system.

I was able to dig up some source documentation. Take a look at the attached articles. They reveal the attitude of the New York Times towards Robert Taft and the campaign to derail his nomination bid. We must learn from history.

Reference: Arthur Hays Sulzberger, editor and publisher of the NY Times on the Taft Candidacy:19520418-Sulzberger-UofP
Reference: The New York Times “Taft Can’t Win” Propaganda Sheet: NY Times

*** UPDATE *** See Time Magazine 9-5-2011 Article: Ron Paul Prophet. Aparently Time is right on cue with an attempt to discredit Dr. Paul. Unfortunately I do not have access to the article as I do not subscribe to the rag.

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August 16, 2011 at 12:52 pm

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