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United Nations Day of Shame October 24th

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Support HR 1205, The American Sovereignty Restoration Act:
>>> Sign The Petition <<<

American tax dollars support the UN as it promotes:

  1. Unrestricted abortion – (UN Human Rights Committee report 2016)

    See: Huffington Post: United Nations Committee Affirms Abortion As A Human Right

  2. International Common-Core Education – International Baccalaureate (IB)

    See: TNA: UN Pushes Common Core Style Global Education Regime

  3. Abolition of the right to keep and bear arms – the UN’s Programme of Action on Small Arms and Light Weapons

    See: TNA: UN Aims To Trace The Transfer Of All Guns & Ammo

  4. Sovereignty-destroying trade pacts – NAFTA and the TPP

    See: TNA: 10 Reasons Why You Should Oppose Obamatrade :

  5. Control over property – Agenda 21 (now Agenda 2030)

    See: The Smoking Gun: The Direct Link Between Agenda 21 & Local Planners

  6. “Refugee” relocation at the whim of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees

    See: Here Comes The Obama Refugee Surge Branded as Safe Alternative Pathways

  7. UN Control of US Military

    See: TNA: Our Un-American Military

We thank Congressman Rogers for introducing HR 1205. Every Congressman needs to support it, if they wish to keep their oath of office. We urge the Senate to pass companion legislation.


Additional Resources (freebies for you):

Good News in the Fight Against Agenda 21

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Here is Tom DeWeese on our progress in the fight against Agenda 21.

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Rescue Mission: Planet Earth – A Children’s Edition of Agenda 21

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Rescue Mission” Planet Earth – A Children’s Edition of Agenda 21 was first published by KingFisher Books on Earth Day 1994. It was written, designed and illustrated by Children’s Task Force on Agenda 21.  The book is credited to Children of the World in association with the United Nations. The sponsors are:

This book contains an Introduction by then Secretary General of the United Nations, Boutros Boutros-Ghali in which he admits that “Agenda 21 contains a special chapter devoted to children and youth in sustainable development, which stresses the need for their active involvement in matters related to environment and development.”

This book is roughly 100 pages of single sided and double-sided “lessons” for our youth. It is an indoctrination manual design to spread fear, exaggerate concerns, and rob the innocence of our children. There is a smog poem on page 11 written by a poor indoctrinated child from Poland that is utterly heart-breaking. There are warnings about a hole in the ozone-layer, vanishing mountains, expanding deserts, destroyed rain forests, polluted seas and rivers etc.

There are photos attached to provocative headlines but no clear indication that the photo represents the results of the issue discussed. In some cases it is obvious that there is no connection, but to a child this is all very convincing. The purpose of the book is to push a specific agenda. The pushers of Agenda 21 have no sense of decency. They hide behind the fact that these topics were developed by children for children. It is disgusting to see what these children regurgitate. There is no science in this book, it is all theory, hype and emotion. It is also quite revealing as to who these propagandists really are. Click the picture to download the book.

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Agenda 21 for Public Officials

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Here is a tremendous resource for Public Officials to help them understand and combat Agenda 21 in their communities. This is also helpful for anyone who would like to become a local official or who is supporting/courting candidates for local offices.


Presentations such as this are being conducted in front of groups in communities all across these United States. If you are a member of a community group or hold a leadership position and would like to bring in a presenter, Hal Shurtleff is busy conducting such talks and soliciting engagements. For More Information on a presentation in your town: Call Hal at 857-498-1309.

If you are engaged in a green organization, and want to help the environment without destroying private property rights, you are not alone. A presentation in front of your group or members of your group in an independent venue is a great idea so that you can continue your fine work without allowing others to destroy your rights in the process.


Agenda 21 in Your Hometown Comprehensive Plan

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Agenda 21 in Your Hometown Comprehensive Plan
Your local government does not hold membership in ICLEI so there is no cause for concern, right? Not so fast ! Agenda 21 is often implemented without ICLEI membership.  In fact, almost every community in this country has been tainted by the UN initiated Agenda 21 assault on individual property rights and its web of innocuous sounding vernacular. For sure, those with membership are at the forefront of implementation of Agenda 21. Most of those communities have serious, often well-intentioned, participants who are dedicated to carry out the UN mission usually without any understanding of the conflict that exists between Agenda 21 and the traditional American system. Education for Sustainability works well to soften local leaders and prepare the way for a democratic transformation from an American System of individual rights to an International System of collective rights.

Bristol Township
My local community is Bristol Township in Bucks County Pennsylvania. Bristol does not hold ICLEI membership as far as I can tell, however, we have a draft comprehensive plan that reeks Agenda 21. It was approved in June 2008. You see, there are other vehicles that the UN has to provide assistance in implementing their schemes. In this case, it appears as though our State government assumed that role. Let’s step through the comprehensive plan and highlight some obvious areas where Agenda 21 roars its ugly head.

The Introduction gives us insight into how the State uses our own tax dollars to bribe our communities. First the taxes are collected from us, then they are sent to our communities in the form of grants which help to formulate a plan. The plan is designed to qualify the community for additional grants which are earmarked to assist in the rollout of Agenda 21:

This document was prepared with financial assistance from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development through a Land Use Planning and Technical Assistance Program (LUPTAP) grant.

The introduction section contains background information which often re-enforces the top-down method of our modern planners. In this case they are sure to emphasize the fact that our community is in compliance with the state:

This update of the Bristol Township Comprehensive Plan is prepared under the authority granted by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to municipalities to prepare comprehensive plans in accordance with the provisions of the Municipalities Planning Code (MPC). Article III of the MPC provides requirements regarding the content and information that must be included as part of a comprehensive plan. … The plan provides a blueprint for housing, land use, community facilities, and transportation. It is not a legal document but assists decision-makers. It contains no rules or regulations but forms the basis for zoning regulations.

 A visit to http://www.newpa.com/ is an eye-opening experience. It is hard to fathom and difficult to describe the extent to which the State of Pennsylvania is promoting its own self-destructive policies thru an extensive grant program.

The Vision of the Comprehensive Plan
The Vision of the Comprehensive Plan is a reflection of Agenda 21. To illustrate this point I will juxtapose the “Overall Goal” against a graphical representation of the Agenda 21 Three E’s or Three Pillars of Sustainability.

 The overall goal of the Comprehensive Plan Update is to create and maintain the physical, economic, and social environment of the township.Three Pillars of Sustainability

The vision explains that the goals of the comprehensive plan will be attained by promoting “Smart Growth” principles and “Sustainability” principles. Stack ’em and pack ’em housing is alluded to in the following goals:

Proper accommodation of the 2008 to 2018 population in sound housing supported by superior municipal services. Maintenance and/or re-establishment of land use patterns which create healthful, convenient and prosperous living and working arrangements, including employment opportunities for township residents.

The vision also expresses an interest in expanding the means of alternate transportation. Apparently, automobiles are not considered a “sustainable” transportation method in large-scale.

The remainder of the document progresses through every area of community life. All the polices in each section can be traced back to the goals specified in the vision section of the document and that vision is our local interpretation of Agenda 21. It is striking to see the authoritarian attitude which exudes from this planning document. The vast majority of our community is in private hands, yet the local government views the entire geographic area in terms of “resources” that it can control or regulate. There is occasional lip-service given to the individual land owner, however, it is clear that the individual is subordinated in favor of the community as a whole. I invite you to read the plan in the following reference link.

Reference: 2008 Comprehensive Plan for Bristol Township Bucks County

Reference: The Bucks County Comprehensive Plan is founded on the long history of innovative planning carried out by the Bucks County Planning Commission and the values and principles embodied in the concepts of sustainable development and stewardship.

Reference: The Comprehensive Plan in Pennsylvania Includes references to the 4 latest Acts governing local planning in Pennsylvania

Reference: Pennsylvania Search for your Local Comprehensive Plan

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Agenda 21: Progress Report in the fight against the UN’s Agenda 21

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In the following video: John F. McManus, President of the John Birch Society Interviews Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center on the progress in the fight against the UN’s Agenda 21

Reference Links:

2012 Progress Reports:
2012 Mar 19: Irving, Texas, Becomes Latest City to Drop ICLEI & UN Agenda 21
2012 Mar 17: Tennessee Lawmakers Pass Resolution Blasting UN Agenda 21
2012 Mar   9 : Ocean County, New Jersey, Blasts UN Agenda 21 in Resolution
2012 Mar   5: Texas City Withdraws From ICLEI, UN “Agenda 21”

2011 Progress Reports
2011 Oct  25:  County in Washington Ditches Sustainable Development
2011 Sep 22:  ICLEI Memberships are Lapsing
2011 Sep     1:  Oklahoma City Leaves ICLEI but Not Agenda 21
2011 Mar 24: Pennsylvania County Rejects Agenda 21
2011 Mar 21:  Edmond Oklahoma Dumps Agenda 21
2011 Mar   3:  Maryland County Cancels Agenda 21 Participation

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Stop Agenda 21 Action Kit Released

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Agenda 21 Action Kit

Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center has compiled and released an invaluable resource for fighting Agenda 21. His youtube video describes, in detail, the contents of this kit. He opens with good news about the progress made so far across the nation in beating back the UN agenda and advises activists that the Agenda 21 backers are revising their terminology again to obfuscate their machinations. The kit includes 2 manuals, a work book, a cd of all the documents and 2 dvds containing 6 talks. Review the video below for more details and pricing.  Click here for your Action Kit.

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Michelle Rhee and StudentsFirst Push Agenda 21: Communizing America’s Schools

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Who is Michelle Rhee?
Michelle Rhee was the Chancellor of the Washington DC School System. She was given free reign by then Mayor Fenty. She implemented many changes including a controversial program call IMPACT which used standardized testing results to evaluate “value-added” teachers. Her successor has sought a probe into a possible cheating scandal involving a high rate of erasure markings on student tests. One has to wonder what impact IMPACT had on the testing results. hmm.

Who is Mayor Kevin Johnson?
Kevin Johnson is a retired NBA player turned Mayor of Sacramento. He and Rhee were recently married. Among his varied business dealings he founded the St. Hope Academy in 1989. In 2003, St. Hope formed St. Hope Public Schools, an independent charter school system. In 1995 he was accused of Sexual assault and tendered a proposed settlement agreement which would have paid the girl’s family $230,000. The DA decide not to prosecute the case on the grounds that a conviction was unlikely. Another charge involving a 2007 incident with a high school student caused a teacher to resign over the investigation tactics employed by the school administrators which included intimidation of the victim and inappropriate requests of the resigning teacher in whom the student had confided. In 2009, St Hope Academy agreed to a settlement involving payment in excess of $400,000 amidst allegations that it did not appropriately spend AmeriCorps grant money.

About StudentsFirst
Policy Agenda

The third objective under StudentsFirst’s own Policy Agenda pushes Agenda 21’s Sustainability angle.

Districts should use resources efficiently to ensure sustainable spending that puts students first. Districts should be managed through structures that ensure a focus on student results rather than adult interests.

Let’s take a look at these new governance structures. She wants to implement mayoral control or state-run charter schools. Both of these suggestions remove parental control by dismantling the local school boards in favor of management by politicians who are less accessible or by private corporations. The name of the game is to remove your ability to impact change and to normalize the system. When I say normalize the system, I mean, make sure that any districts within the current system that have active parental involvement and have been successful in protecting the students from harmful policies will be stripped of their power so that the advantage can be neutralized. Agenda 21 is all about sacrificing individual rights in favor of collective rights. While the Wetlands program implements this philosophy in the industries involving raw materials, the Rhee Solution implements this same philosophy in the education arena.

School Choice is pushed as a solution to inequality. It is argued that wealthy parents have a choice but the poor do not. Rhee is only interested in a choice among government sanctioned institutions.  Her organization seeks to pour public funds into private institutions, to promote voucher systems, and to build charter (corporate) schools. This is a facade. It looks like choice but it is the federalization of all the existing options and it is a communization of the entire system. Once all school options share a common funding source, they will also share a common curriculum and a common regulatory and legal liability.

Some of StudentFirst’s Impact Around The Nation:

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The NAFTA Bridge: China’s Economic War on America

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The North American Free Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) continues to ravage the US economy and threatens our national sovereignty. Here is a video outlining some of the major events currently unfolding in the north. The Texas efforts, aided by Gov. Rick Perry, ran into some snags as Texas farmers objected to the outright theft of their farming lands for use in building the NAFTA super highway. Little resistance to similar moves exists in Michigan, however, as the economy has been decimated and there are few left with the economic wherewithal to stand up and fight. It seems that the focus has shifted from Texas to Michigan. I am sure the Texas project will be revisited at a later time when resistance has weakened. In the meantime, take a look at the role Canada is playing and the Michigan efforts.

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Agenda 21: Liberty vs Sustainability

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[This is a follow-up to my previous Agenda 21 post]
Agenda 21 is a truly radical attempt to undermine all foundational principles by which we seek to live our lives. It is a propaganda mechanism. It seeks to convince good people to reorient their lives. It is being implemented in a classic pincer-style fashion where International organizations  at the top fashion policy while Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) at the bottom pressure local leaders to take up the cause. Meanwhile, The policies filter down thru the federal, state and county governments in the form of policy directives, regulatory fiat and town enticing grants.

To illustrate how this “Fundamental Change” is altering our way of life I enclose a brief matrix. The items on the left are the foundational principles of the American Republic. The items on the right are the foundational substitutes of the new global society. It is important to understand that the items on the right are promulgated to our youth as a part of our national education program. This program is now instituting ESD or “Education for Sustainable Development”.

The Education for Sustainable Development Toolkit is based on the idea that communities and educational systems within communities need to dovetail their sustainability efforts. As communities develop sustainability goals, local educational systems can modify existing curriculums to reinforce those goals. — ESD Toolkit Version 2.0 (Author’s Note)

 Opposing Values Matrix

We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; that, to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed… — Declaration of Independence

Principles of the Declaration Principles of Education for “Sustainability”.
  1. National Sovereignty- Independence
  2. Natural Law- Law is above Rulers
  3. Self-Evident Truth- Facts; Knowledge; Conclusions
  4. All People Equal Before God- Equal Opportunity; Equal Protection under the Law
  5. Creator Given Inalienable Rights- Life, Liberty, Property
  6. Purpose of Government- Secure Rights
  7. Popular Sovereignty- Consent of the Governed
  1. World Citizenship- Inter-Dependence
  2. Positive Law- Rulers are above the Law
  3. Constructivism- Feelings; Process; Consensus
  4. Multiculturalism-Equal Outcomes
  5. Government Defined Rights- Choice, License, Fairness
  6. Purpose of Government- Determine Fairness: “Equity according to need”
  7. Absolute Power- Citizens serve the Community
Implementation: The United States Constitution- Elected Representation Implementation: The United Nations Charter- Appointed Representation

Here is a truly astounding admission that our educational system has a stake in “dumbing down” our children.

Generally, more highly educated people, who have higher incomes, consume more resources than poorly educated people, who tend to have lower incomes. In this case, more education increases the threat to sustainability.
The ESD Toolkit version 2.0: See the Introduction subheading – Education: Promise and Paradox

How can I be certain that this curriculum is now in place throughout this nation? The US Partnership For Education For Sustainability tells us so. http://usp.umfglobal.org/main/view_archive/1

September 21, 2010 – Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan gives keynote address at Sustainability Education Summit – “Today, I promise you that [the Department of Education] will be a committed partner in the national effort to build a more environmentally literate and responsible society… We must advance the sustainability movement through education… Education and sustainability are the keys to our economic future-and our ecological future… We are proud to be… joining you in this work, and hopeful about the impact we will make together. Click here for full text of speech

So you see, our educational system is now oriented towards sustainability. The problem is that sustainability is based on the concept that wealth is limited and needs to be shared. As a nation we have approximately 5% of our land mass classified as developed or in use. We have no shortage of resources. Liberty, private property and innovation is how we have provided for ourselves and our posterity. We have done a remarkable job of it too. We have done a far better job of providing for succeeding generations than any socialist system could dream of doing.

We no longer test for knowledge but rather we assess our children’s values as if they were a house or some other resource. Do our children exhibit the predetermined values our educators seek to instill? You bet they do. We need to wrest education from the state. If we stop the implementation of “sustainability” without fixing the education problem we will see all our efforts erased by a future generation.

Reference: Understanding Sustainability-A Guide for Public Officials
Reference: City of Edmond Discontinues its ICLEI Membership
Reference:  Montgomery County ICLEI Membership Allowed to Lapse
Reference: Caroll County, MD drops ICLEI Membership
Learn More: http://www.jbs.org/tags/agenda-21

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