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The Insanity of Carbon Regulation

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Is man-made carbon pollution a threat to the global climate? I could discuss the 5th grade science lessons about how man breathes in oxygen and breathes out carbon dioxide while plants take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. We could talk about whether or not science has proven global warming, or global cooling or any other climate change model. All of that is a waste of time. We should simply consider what the legislators are proposing we regulate and tax. They want to regulate and /or tax “man-made” carbon pollution.

Now, carbon appears in the atmosphere at 40,000 parts per million. In other words 4% of our atmosphere is made up of carbon. Of that, 15 parts per million are contributed by man.

Are we to believe that regulating 15 parts per million of our atmospheric content will make a meaningful environmental impact? I am quite certain it will make a meaningful economic impact. Here is an illustration showing our atmosphere in blue, our carbon portion in white and the man-made contribution to that carbon component in red.

Can you see the red dot? That's what legislators want to regulate.

Can you see the red dot? That’s what legislators want to regulate.

Actually, that red dot is 4 x 4 so it is 1/16 too large to accurately represent the man-made contribution to carbon in our atmosphere !!! That dot represents the portion of our atmosphere that our legislators are attempting to regulate. Talk about a scam !!!


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December 17, 2012 at 5:08 pm

Good News in the Fight Against Agenda 21

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Here is Tom DeWeese on our progress in the fight against Agenda 21.

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October 4, 2012 at 10:44 pm

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Rescue Mission: Planet Earth – A Children’s Edition of Agenda 21

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Rescue Mission” Planet Earth – A Children’s Edition of Agenda 21 was first published by KingFisher Books on Earth Day 1994. It was written, designed and illustrated by Children’s Task Force on Agenda 21.  The book is credited to Children of the World in association with the United Nations. The sponsors are:

This book contains an Introduction by then Secretary General of the United Nations, Boutros Boutros-Ghali in which he admits that “Agenda 21 contains a special chapter devoted to children and youth in sustainable development, which stresses the need for their active involvement in matters related to environment and development.”

This book is roughly 100 pages of single sided and double-sided “lessons” for our youth. It is an indoctrination manual design to spread fear, exaggerate concerns, and rob the innocence of our children. There is a smog poem on page 11 written by a poor indoctrinated child from Poland that is utterly heart-breaking. There are warnings about a hole in the ozone-layer, vanishing mountains, expanding deserts, destroyed rain forests, polluted seas and rivers etc.

There are photos attached to provocative headlines but no clear indication that the photo represents the results of the issue discussed. In some cases it is obvious that there is no connection, but to a child this is all very convincing. The purpose of the book is to push a specific agenda. The pushers of Agenda 21 have no sense of decency. They hide behind the fact that these topics were developed by children for children. It is disgusting to see what these children regurgitate. There is no science in this book, it is all theory, hype and emotion. It is also quite revealing as to who these propagandists really are. Click the picture to download the book.

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