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TPA Extension Disapproval Needed Now.

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Let’s Do Away With the TPA!


Here are 6 reasons why either the House or Senate should pass a TPA extension disapproval resolution (based on William F. Jasper’s article entitled, “7 Reasons Why Trade Promotion Authority/Fast Track Must Be Defeated,” published on TheNewAmerican.com, on June 5, 2015, when the current TPA was being considered by Congress):

  1. TPA is essential to passage of a very dangerous updated NAFTA, the forerunner to an EU-like North American Union (NAU), as well as to the potential passage of other sovereignty-killing “free trade” agreements like TPP, which as of April 12 President Trump is considering rejoining.
  2. TPA is an unconscionable abdication of constitutional responsibility by Congress.
  3. TPA not only hands Trump unconstitutional powers given to Obama, it potentially gives them to his successor as well.
  4. TPA is another giant step in the unconstitutional transfer of congressional authority to the president.
  5. TPA also challenges the Constitution by violating the requirement that treaties be ratified by a super-majority vote of two-thirds of the U.S. Senate.
  6. The TPA will speed the transfer of immense power to federal and international judges to eviscerate the Constitution; to strike down federal, state, and local laws; and to legislate from the bench

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Written by federalexpression

June 13, 2018 at 9:11 am

3 Responses

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  1. Reblogged this on American Family of Faith and commented:
    We have a short window of opportunity to disapprove this unconstitutional Trade Promotion Authority (fast-track). TPA extension disapproval will cripple the globalist’s ability to pass their sovereignty-destroying trade deals.

  2. Even those who respect President Trump, for his opposition to the globalist deep state, should urge Congress to disapprove TPA. Congressional disapproval will not only end an unconstitutional power but will make it easier for President Trump to oppose the globalists and future Presidents would no longer have the power to fast-track globalist deals, which destroy U.S. sovereignty.

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