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Change It … or Obey It?

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con-con-flyer-2017Change It … or Obey It? Why the Constitution Is the Solution!
Constitutional Scholar Robert Brown will be in the Area during the last week of April 2017. He will examine the movement advancing an Article V “Constitutional” Convention. It’s amazing to see him illustrate how the changes being proposed by Con-Con advocates would actually do the opposite of what is claimed.  So, if you are new to the issue or if you support the Con-con movement, you will want to come out and hear common sense arguments on how to work within the Constitution to rein in a growing Federal Government. Click the Image or here for a 2 page pdf flyer. The flyer includes a hyperlink to the 3 tour locations, youtube intro, Stop A Con-Con Action Agenda Items, and the JBS homepage. Please share widely. Contact me for donations and advertising opportunities.

Here is a sneak peek of Constitutional Scholar Robert Brown Testimony in Montana before the House Judiciary Committee:


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