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Upcoming Con-Con Debate being hosted by CCG-PA.org

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Thursday Jan 8th, 2015: http://ccg-pa.org/constitututional-convention/ For Directions and More Information.

presents an informal debate:
“A Constitutional Convention or a Convention of the States: 
 Securing or Subverting Freedom?”
JOHN McMANUS, President of the John Birch Society
STEVE DAVIES, Pennsylvania State Director, Convention of States
 Thursday, January 8, 2015, 7-9 pm
Liberty Training Center
 2nd floor of CFC Logistics Bldg, 4000 AM Dr., Quakertown, PA ++;
 We are honored to host…
  •  Mr. John McManus,President of the John Birch Society since 1991 but active in leadership since 1966, author (inclThe Insiders, 5th ed.), national speaker appearing on numerous TV and radio shows including CSPAN, the Larry King Show, the Pat Buchanan show, and publisher of JBS magazine The New American and monthly Bulletin.  Former Marine and electronics engineer.
  • Mr. Steve Davies, Pennsylvania State Director of Convention of States organization since July 2014; Director, Business Development for CB&I, Inc., a large, international engineering and construction firm
All patriots who understand our American Constitution deplore the departure of the federal government from its constitutional limits resulting in fiscal disaster and diminishing freedom; all agree that We the People must act to preserve our constitutional system, our freedom, and our economy.  But how do we rein in an out-of-control federal government? 
Some have proposed a Constitutional Convention.  Some patriots believe that the only solution is to call a Convention of States and pass “Liberty Amendments” to the Constitution that would force the federal government to comply with constitutional and fiscal guidelines. Some patriots believe that such a Convention would be not only ineffective, but dangerous. 
Join us to hear both sides and decide what you can do to preserve our Constitution and our freedom.
Open Q&A following power point presentations by both speakers
JBS books and literature available for purchase
Meeting is free but donations appreciated
++Please see specific directions at www. CCG-PA.org (GPS not always accurate)

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