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Choose Freedom – Stop Illegal Immigration

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Source of statistics: Federation for American Immigration Reform (http://www.fairus.org)

We need regulated, legal immigration. I think Americans welcome legal immigrants to assimilate into our culture by learning the founding principles of freedom, the proper framework of government and the English language. Government assistance to illegal immigrants and amnesty for illegals is a far different matter.

The above Advertisement will run in the Concord Monitor and the Manchester Union Leader as an insert. This post serves to help spread activity nation-wide.
Please use the action links below to participate in this effort and consider contributing time to the Action Campaign below.
Here is a commercial run on the radio to coincide with the print advertisement:

US House of Representatives Phone Directory Area Code is 202 for all phone numbers.
US Senate Phone Directory

Follow this link to add your efforts to an Action Campaign: http://www.jbs.org/issues-pages/illegal-immigration
1988 Eye Opening Documentary:

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