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GeraldCelenteChannel Promotes Documentary: Anarchy USA

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Many thanks to GeraldCelenteChannel for promoting a video I uploaded entitled Anarchy USA. This documentary was produced in the mid 1960’s in an attempt to explain to the American people that the unrest they were witnessing in the streets was not a spontaneous uprising. Rather it was a planned uprising, in that the leaders were working on behalf of the Communist Revolutionaries and many innocent individuals were being used to promote an agenda that did not have American interests at heart. The setting is the civil rights movement in the United States, but other similar movements throughout the world in different times and places are also discussed and many have very similar patterns to them. The documentary does not call into question the fact that there were and are racial tensions and injustices. It simply seeks to demonstrate how real problems can be exploited by an enemy to justify so-called remedies that may be worse than the disease.  GeraldCelenteChannel has no official affiliation with the man Gerald Celente nor his Trends Research newsletter. I offer no endorsement of either party as I am unfamiliar with them.

You are invited to view this 1:15:00 video


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November 21, 2012 at 2:18 am

Perpetual War: A Path Towards A New World Order

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Having been born during the Vietnam War, a conclusion to the conflict was reached while I was just beginning to realize that there was a world that did not involve diapers and bottles. So, my youth was spent in an era of relative peace; at least from a Western perspective. There was an occassional flare up, a small skirmish here or there. An embassy bombing or an air attack would occasionally break the silence, but for the most part I grew of age without knowing war.

The first time I saw war was on the television when British war boats attacked the Falkland Islands. The reality of war was driven home on the eve of the so-called collapse of Communism when George H W Bush amassed our troops on the border of Kuwait. I was quite concerned about the conflict because I had plans and I was of age to fight in that battle. In a different time, who knows, I may have joined the foray. I sat and listened to his reasons for that war and he clearly told the American people that his intention was to strengthen the United Nations and help to formulate a New World Order. I was not about to sacrifice my life for his New World Order when I could see nothing wrong with the Old Order of my fathers.

So, as the old Soviet Union was self destructing; as Europe was preparing to deliver itself up to a Soviet style European Union, the United States accelerated down its own path of post-cold war self-destruction in the form of perpetual war. Nothing was more foreign to my experience then a foreign war. I was relieved when it was wrapped up so quickly. Apparently, it was just a primer for more wars to follow. I can only imagine that young Americans on the eve of World War I felt the same way.

Now, we are embroiled in multiple theaters throughout the Middle East in various stages of combat. Some are hot, some are cold, some are proxy wars and some are extremely covert. The goal has not changed…. A drive towards a New World Order. A leveling of the economies and powers of all nations and a steady strengthening of International Institutions is designed to suck dry the sovereignty of all nations. This political and military strategy feeds an economic threat. The entire West now faces financial ruin and our would-be masters are preparing their international institutions to finish off their prey. The goal: A New World Order. A world Order built out of the chaos which they now orchestrate from their unelected international positions of power.

I offer two talks by Robert Welch that discusses the machinations involved in laying the groundwork for perpetual war. If the Korean War can be seen as a test-case, the Vietnam War can be described as the first full-blown exhibition of a United States hell-bent on financial, military and social self-destruction in favor of a New International Order run, not in Washington but rather in New York along the East River.

Full Transcript: The Truth About Vietnam

Full Transcript: More Truth About Vietnam

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November 11, 2012 at 10:32 am

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