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Financial Terrorism: The Deliberate Destruction of the Free Market

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I think it is now  very important to publish this talk on my blog. Gold and Silver are breaking out as I type. The dollar index is down and stocks are down. The so-called “recovery” looks to be just about over. The Federal Reserve has hinted at QE III (Quantitive Easing Round 3) and so the dollar is now in jeopardy. Quantitive Easing is just a fancy economist’s term for printing money. Just like every other commodity, when the supply of dollars increases, its value drops. You are going to see more inflation. Prices rise when the value of the dollar drops. The most important thing to understand, however, is that this is all by design. Americans need to understand this, because the SOB’s that are doing this are going to offer a solution. That solution will probably be a new dollar backed by some international currency that may or may not have a precious metal or basket of commodities backing it. Why an international currency? The world’s huge banking interests know that economic union is a precursor to political union. This is the same road map used in Europe. The common market in Europe preceded political union by 50 years and was built in the wake of the devastating destruction of WWII. They don’t intend to wait another 50 years. History tells us that these types of economic down-turns often lead to war.  We already have war, but the threat of an escalation is real. No one knows the future but the road signs ahead are troubling.

I hope you will watch the following 1994 presentation which reveals what seems to be trending right now:


Written by federalexpression

August 25, 2012 at 12:36 am

Posted in Economics, Issues

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