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Support Your Local Police Presentation

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Come out and hear James Fitzgerald speak about the ongoing threat to Local Police. Since 9/11 our police departments have been under consistent pressure to adopt federal standards, practices and funding. The threat of a National Police force is greater now than at any time in our nation’s history. Jim, former vice officer, will express his concerns and show you ways to reverse these alarming trends.Support Your Local Police Event

Download: SYLP_Flyer-PA-May2012


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Try to Justify The TSA Now

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Agenda 21 in Your Hometown Comprehensive Plan

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Agenda 21 in Your Hometown Comprehensive Plan
Your local government does not hold membership in ICLEI so there is no cause for concern, right? Not so fast ! Agenda 21 is often implemented without ICLEI membership.  In fact, almost every community in this country has been tainted by the UN initiated Agenda 21 assault on individual property rights and its web of innocuous sounding vernacular. For sure, those with membership are at the forefront of implementation of Agenda 21. Most of those communities have serious, often well-intentioned, participants who are dedicated to carry out the UN mission usually without any understanding of the conflict that exists between Agenda 21 and the traditional American system. Education for Sustainability works well to soften local leaders and prepare the way for a democratic transformation from an American System of individual rights to an International System of collective rights.

Bristol Township
My local community is Bristol Township in Bucks County Pennsylvania. Bristol does not hold ICLEI membership as far as I can tell, however, we have a draft comprehensive plan that reeks Agenda 21. It was approved in June 2008. You see, there are other vehicles that the UN has to provide assistance in implementing their schemes. In this case, it appears as though our State government assumed that role. Let’s step through the comprehensive plan and highlight some obvious areas where Agenda 21 roars its ugly head.

The Introduction gives us insight into how the State uses our own tax dollars to bribe our communities. First the taxes are collected from us, then they are sent to our communities in the form of grants which help to formulate a plan. The plan is designed to qualify the community for additional grants which are earmarked to assist in the rollout of Agenda 21:

This document was prepared with financial assistance from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development through a Land Use Planning and Technical Assistance Program (LUPTAP) grant.

The introduction section contains background information which often re-enforces the top-down method of our modern planners. In this case they are sure to emphasize the fact that our community is in compliance with the state:

This update of the Bristol Township Comprehensive Plan is prepared under the authority granted by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to municipalities to prepare comprehensive plans in accordance with the provisions of the Municipalities Planning Code (MPC). Article III of the MPC provides requirements regarding the content and information that must be included as part of a comprehensive plan. … The plan provides a blueprint for housing, land use, community facilities, and transportation. It is not a legal document but assists decision-makers. It contains no rules or regulations but forms the basis for zoning regulations.

 A visit to http://www.newpa.com/ is an eye-opening experience. It is hard to fathom and difficult to describe the extent to which the State of Pennsylvania is promoting its own self-destructive policies thru an extensive grant program.

The Vision of the Comprehensive Plan
The Vision of the Comprehensive Plan is a reflection of Agenda 21. To illustrate this point I will juxtapose the “Overall Goal” against a graphical representation of the Agenda 21 Three E’s or Three Pillars of Sustainability.

 The overall goal of the Comprehensive Plan Update is to create and maintain the physical, economic, and social environment of the township.Three Pillars of Sustainability

The vision explains that the goals of the comprehensive plan will be attained by promoting “Smart Growth” principles and “Sustainability” principles. Stack ’em and pack ’em housing is alluded to in the following goals:

Proper accommodation of the 2008 to 2018 population in sound housing supported by superior municipal services. Maintenance and/or re-establishment of land use patterns which create healthful, convenient and prosperous living and working arrangements, including employment opportunities for township residents.

The vision also expresses an interest in expanding the means of alternate transportation. Apparently, automobiles are not considered a “sustainable” transportation method in large-scale.

The remainder of the document progresses through every area of community life. All the polices in each section can be traced back to the goals specified in the vision section of the document and that vision is our local interpretation of Agenda 21. It is striking to see the authoritarian attitude which exudes from this planning document. The vast majority of our community is in private hands, yet the local government views the entire geographic area in terms of “resources” that it can control or regulate. There is occasional lip-service given to the individual land owner, however, it is clear that the individual is subordinated in favor of the community as a whole. I invite you to read the plan in the following reference link.

Reference: 2008 Comprehensive Plan for Bristol Township Bucks County

Reference: The Bucks County Comprehensive Plan is founded on the long history of innovative planning carried out by the Bucks County Planning Commission and the values and principles embodied in the concepts of sustainable development and stewardship.

Reference: The Comprehensive Plan in Pennsylvania Includes references to the 4 latest Acts governing local planning in Pennsylvania

Reference: Pennsylvania Search for your Local Comprehensive Plan

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Tom Woods Keynote Address: Nullify Now Philly 2012

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I was able to attend the Nullify Now Conference in Philadelphia on Saturday and I captured the keynote address. It was an excellent conference. I highly recommend future attendance. More resources are available at the Nullify Now website. Enjoy the Speech:

Reference: Thomas Woods Youtube Channel
Reference: Tom Woods Blog

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The Global Warming Debate of the 19th Century

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Did you know that Global Warming was debated and refuted by Noah Webster at the beginning of the 19th Century? It seems there truly is nothing new under the sun (pun intended)! The full volume available at google books is linked.

When I stumble upon such a fascinating find, I cannot help but share the information. I find this discourse remarkable.

Full Volume on Google Books
: Memoirs of the Arts and Science of the Connecticut Academy Vol 1 Part 1 1810

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