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Agenda 21: Liberty vs Sustainability

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[This is a follow-up to my previous Agenda 21 post]
Agenda 21 is a truly radical attempt to undermine all foundational principles by which we seek to live our lives. It is a propaganda mechanism. It seeks to convince good people to reorient their lives. It is being implemented in a classic pincer-style fashion where International organizations  at the top fashion policy while Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) at the bottom pressure local leaders to take up the cause. Meanwhile, The policies filter down thru the federal, state and county governments in the form of policy directives, regulatory fiat and town enticing grants.

To illustrate how this “Fundamental Change” is altering our way of life I enclose a brief matrix. The items on the left are the foundational principles of the American Republic. The items on the right are the foundational substitutes of the new global society. It is important to understand that the items on the right are promulgated to our youth as a part of our national education program. This program is now instituting ESD or “Education for Sustainable Development”.

The Education for Sustainable Development Toolkit is based on the idea that communities and educational systems within communities need to dovetail their sustainability efforts. As communities develop sustainability goals, local educational systems can modify existing curriculums to reinforce those goals. — ESD Toolkit Version 2.0 (Author’s Note)

 Opposing Values Matrix

We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; that, to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed… — Declaration of Independence

Principles of the Declaration Principles of Education for “Sustainability”.
  1. National Sovereignty- Independence
  2. Natural Law- Law is above Rulers
  3. Self-Evident Truth- Facts; Knowledge; Conclusions
  4. All People Equal Before God- Equal Opportunity; Equal Protection under the Law
  5. Creator Given Inalienable Rights- Life, Liberty, Property
  6. Purpose of Government- Secure Rights
  7. Popular Sovereignty- Consent of the Governed
  1. World Citizenship- Inter-Dependence
  2. Positive Law- Rulers are above the Law
  3. Constructivism- Feelings; Process; Consensus
  4. Multiculturalism-Equal Outcomes
  5. Government Defined Rights- Choice, License, Fairness
  6. Purpose of Government- Determine Fairness: “Equity according to need”
  7. Absolute Power- Citizens serve the Community
Implementation: The United States Constitution- Elected Representation Implementation: The United Nations Charter- Appointed Representation

Here is a truly astounding admission that our educational system has a stake in “dumbing down” our children.

Generally, more highly educated people, who have higher incomes, consume more resources than poorly educated people, who tend to have lower incomes. In this case, more education increases the threat to sustainability.
The ESD Toolkit version 2.0: See the Introduction subheading – Education: Promise and Paradox

How can I be certain that this curriculum is now in place throughout this nation? The US Partnership For Education For Sustainability tells us so. http://usp.umfglobal.org/main/view_archive/1

September 21, 2010 – Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan gives keynote address at Sustainability Education Summit – “Today, I promise you that [the Department of Education] will be a committed partner in the national effort to build a more environmentally literate and responsible society… We must advance the sustainability movement through education… Education and sustainability are the keys to our economic future-and our ecological future… We are proud to be… joining you in this work, and hopeful about the impact we will make together. Click here for full text of speech

So you see, our educational system is now oriented towards sustainability. The problem is that sustainability is based on the concept that wealth is limited and needs to be shared. As a nation we have approximately 5% of our land mass classified as developed or in use. We have no shortage of resources. Liberty, private property and innovation is how we have provided for ourselves and our posterity. We have done a remarkable job of it too. We have done a far better job of providing for succeeding generations than any socialist system could dream of doing.

We no longer test for knowledge but rather we assess our children’s values as if they were a house or some other resource. Do our children exhibit the predetermined values our educators seek to instill? You bet they do. We need to wrest education from the state. If we stop the implementation of “sustainability” without fixing the education problem we will see all our efforts erased by a future generation.

Reference: Understanding Sustainability-A Guide for Public Officials
Reference: City of Edmond Discontinues its ICLEI Membership
Reference:  Montgomery County ICLEI Membership Allowed to Lapse
Reference: Caroll County, MD drops ICLEI Membership
Learn More: http://www.jbs.org/tags/agenda-21

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